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Підбірка ресурсів для IELTS!

Teachers, if you prepare students for the IELTS exam or would like to take it yourself, our selection of sources will come in handy.

Take IELTS offers tips and hints, free tests, tasks and resources for practical preparation for IELTS.

IELTS.org – sample tasks with answers and audio recordings in MP3 format with scripts.

IELTS Liz is a great resource created by an experienced IELTS preparation instructor. Here you can find interesting videos and study materials that will help teach the language of this exam and strategies for its successful completion.

IELTS Grade is a trilingual blog by our educational center. Here you will find explained tasks, articles on specific strategies for completing them, sample answers, lists of useful words, and more. Our tips and clues from experienced IELTS instructors will help you better prepare for the IELTS Academic exam.


National Geographic is an illustrated magazine with a huge number of unsurpassed photos, which covers issues of the environment, nature and animals.
BBC News – useful for developing academic English, but at the same time helps keep your hand on the pulse of world events.
The Economist covers world politics, economics, science and technology, and offers 3 free articles a week if you subscribe.
Business magazine offers free texts and exercises related to business and work.
History News Network is an American website that specializes in both American and global history, where you can also find a large number of articles on current events.
BBC – news, opinions and much more from the UK’s most famous media outlet that covers all topics. And it’s a great website for listening practice.


If you don’t want to turn your lessons into boring listening to practice tests or old uninteresting scenarios, there are more radios and podcasts for each category and topic.
The Guardian

Speaking exam question – a collection of hundreds of recent tasks and questions for IELTS from the Internet, as well as the contributions of website visitors who have recently passed the exam. The website contains questions for speaking from parts 1, 2 and 3, and all this is organized by exam dates. Teachers can use this resource to familiarize their students with questions and topics while preparing for the oral part of IELTS.

We hope you find these resources useful and they will inspire you to prepare IELTS candidates. Or you will even want to try your hand at the exam ?

April is a perfect time to start your IELTS journey
New groups start on 18-19 April. Hurry up!