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New Ways of Teaching: Skills and CPD for Teachers

New Ways of Teaching: Skills and CPD for Teachers

Dear colleagues! You can watch a recording of this round table discussion from British Council looking at new ways of teaching and the skills teachers need.


About the event

Educational systems across the world have been shaken in the past year, and teaching and learning has moved online when possible. In other countries, teachers and students have been forced to abandon formal education completely or have resorted to locally available resources such as radio, TV, and paper-based teaching and learning. The British Council Americas commissioned ELT Consultants to conduct research in order to better understand the different skills needed by English teachers to support student learning remotely or in a combination of face-to-face and online.

Although the research (New Ways of Teaching: Skills teachers need in order to teach in 2020-2021) investigated Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru in particular, the findings and lessons learned in these context have relevance for teachers around the world. Join us for a round table Q&A discussion to find out more.

Recorded on 24 June 2021