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16.07.2021 О 14.00 Міжнародний вебінар із серії ‘Using literature with young learners and teenagers’ від British Council Teaching English A window to the world: Graphic Novels in the Secondary English Language Classroom

16.07.2021 14.00 Міжнародний вебінар із серії ‘Using literature with young learners and teenagers’ від British Council Teaching English 

A window to the world: Graphic Novels in the Secondary English Language Classroom

About the webinar:

Graphic novels allow us to give our learners accessible, age-appropriate texts, providing visually-scaffolded language input. As authentic texts are inherently attractive in format, they are very motivating for learners, especially teens. Furthermore, they often offer diverse, contemporary stories that act as a window to the wider world, enriching interculturality and global knowledge, and providing an accessible route into topics such as racism, the role of women, LGBTQI+ identity, immigrant stories and more.

This webinar reviews the benefits of using graphic novels not just to develop language, but also to focus on global issues and 21st century skills, and then examines how to practically implement this in the secondary classroom in a variety of contexts. We will look at a range of versatile activities and resources easily adapted to any suitable graphic novel.

Participants will leave feeling empowered to exploit this powerful tool in our pedagogical repertoires to its fullest extent.

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About the speaker:

Laura McWilliams works as an Academic Manager for the British Council France, where she manages the Secondary programme. She has previously worked in the United Kingdom and Egypt. She is a Cambridge DELTA holder, a TYLEC tutor, and has presented at numerous international conferences. She also volunteers on the IATEFL YLTSIG committee to support the global YL ELT community. She is an avid reader, and her background also includes professional theatre. She loves to bring both of these aspects into her classroom for their powerful impact on the learner.