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Нові можливості для педагогів: безкоштовний курс від Grade Teacher Training!

Breaking news!

We are launching our brand new course ‘Get-to-know CELTA’ designed to help you learn about the CELTA format and prepare for the training 🚀
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Get-to-know CELTA is:
🔆 6 useful emails about CELTA
🔆 Effective advice from CELTA trainers
🔆 Analysis of the format, tasks and criteria of CELTA assessment
🔆 A selection of resources to prepare for CELTA
Our course will help you:
✅ Familiarize yourself with the CELTA format in more detail
✅ Prepare for an interview with the course tutors
✅ Get resources to prepare for the CELTA course
✅ Learn the secrets of successful completion of the CELTA course first hand
✅ Understand important organizational issues.
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